As a church, we are currently 100% dependent on donations.  We use these funds to participate in outreaches in our community, feed the attendees of our fellowship service dinners, and to keep The Berean Manifesto, our teaching podcast, up and running.  We do not take up an offering at our dinners or ask for money on our podcast as we believe that receiving ministry should be free.  We are committed to transparency in our finances and welcome you to check out what funds have come in and what we've spent those funds on HERE.  

In the future, we will build our own facility and put in a Christian movie theater, a full Coffee Shop with open mic style stage featuring local artists, a live Christian music venue, and we'll meet on Sunday mornings for regular services.


We don't want to compete with the church as a whole but to create a space and a movement to bridge the gap that has divided and splintered the modern church.

If you can help in any way we would appreciate it.

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